Oct 4, 2020 ... cartoon from Harper's Weekly}} |Source= [http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/44-E-GobrechtVo... Seated Dime Varieties],.... http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/BAR/home.htm. I believe there is also a link to some of the tracking done by Mojo1986 (Joe) on the web.... ... and also within the Top 100 Varieties set." - Gerry Fortin (source: http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/date_mintmark/1... Varitey information:.... All kinds of information on Http Www.seateddimevarieties.com Bar Kitpages 0855_mini on our website.. Twelve obverse and fourteen reverse dies have been cataloged at Fortin's variety web-book at www.seateddimevarieties.com. Plate Coin: Fortin 101, 18 Digits.... Seated quarters: http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/...chapters.htm... Large Cents 1793-1814: https://www.PCGS.com/books/earlycents. Writing for the website seateddimevarieties.com, Gerry Fortin remarks, "Locating a choice and original Variety 103 example will take patience and considerable.... View The GFRC (www.seateddimevarieties.com) location in Maine, United ... at http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/gfrc-market-t... Oct 7, 2019 http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/date_mintmark/1... CircCam, Oct 8, 2019 #4 + Quote Reply Paddy54 likes this.. ... DLRC Press 1992 The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors Gerry Fortin, http://www.seateddimevarieties.com Liberty Seated Dimes.. In minting, coining or coinage is the process of manufacturing coins using a kind of stamping ... 14 July 2016. ^ http://www.harrybassfoundation.org HBCC-3014; ^ http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/date_mintmark/1... In addition to an on-line store for error coins, this site also maintains an on-line newsletter. http://www.richerrors.com/. Seated Dime Varieties: This is the.... This is the premise for the Historical Collections - Provenance and Current Ownership module at www.seateddimevarieties.com. Tracking ownership information.... ... Coin Book: http://www.usacoinbook.com/; Gerry Fortin-Liberty Seated Dime Web Book: http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/. Collectors Universe Forums:... 67426dafae

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